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Dog Show Photo Prices - 2012:


Original Photo - Digital Image (directly downloaded from this site)

ONE - $15.00 (single image)

TWO - $25.00 (save $5.00)

THREE - $30.00 (save $15.00)

SIX - $50.00 (save $40.00)


PRICING - for our Official appointments -



1. DOG Classes - $85.00 (ALL ring-side show photos including Place winners)

2. BITCH Classes - $85.00 (ALL ring-side show photos including Place winners)

  - or BOTH DISCS - $125.00 (for entire breed, all 'BIG' or 'BIS' classes - SAVE $45)

3. CHALLENGES - $30.00 each (or $50.00 for all photos of both DCC & BCC judging)


* ALL THREE DISCS - COMPLETE EVENT - $165.00 (total value $230.00 - SAVE $65) *



Awards/'BIS' Class winners & Presentation/Trophie photos with judge - Please see pricing on the right of photo view pages

These are all HIGH RESOLUTION original digital images that can be used as you wish, including any personal or commercial websites, feature advertising and/or future promotional purposes.

Those wanting show discs of entire prior GALLERY ALBUMS here (ie: Breed judging/'Best In Group'/'Best In Show'/'BIS' classes, etc.) can also obtain a copy for $85 each (plus $10 postage). This price is for existing photos in the Album and also applies to any of the days Handler Classes or Sweepstakes, as well as all your Awards/Winner photos (with the Judge).

These discs are available for ALL BREEDS SHOWS we attend, as well as our Official SPECIALTY SHOW photos (see special prices above)

BULLA AUTUMN EXTRAVAGANZA - Official Photographer & Show Sponsor

2 Day International Show - BULLA Canine Complex - 28th & 29th MAY 2011

Visit the website at - http://bullaautumnextravaganza.com/index.htm 



PHOTOS FROM SATURDAY'S 'OAK' SHOW NOW AVAILABLE AT - http://ibizaphotoz.com/f958859188

and SUNDAY'S 'MAPLE' SHOW NOW POSTING AT - http://ibizaphotoz.com/f949055829 


SATURDAY "CALABRIAN SWEEPS" PHOTOShttp://ibizaphotoz.com/p516088090 

SATURDAY "BEST OF BREED" PHOTOS - http://ibizaphotoz.com/p534858417 

SUNDAY "BEST OF BREED" PHOTOS - http://ibizaphotoz.com/p71652524



Saturday Show $75.00 (ALL show photos including final 'CALABRIAN' Sweeps)

Sunday Show $75.00 (ALL show photos including JUNIOR HANDLER - Classes & Finals)

BOTH DAYS - $100.00 (Entire weekends photos and FREE postage - SAVE $50)

OTHER SPECIAL PACKAGES - (see pricing on the right of photo view pages)



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